How to Play NCAA Football 14 on PS4: A Complete Guide for Beginners

NCAA Football 14 PS4

From its inception, NCAA Football has served as a benchmark for college football video games, and NCAA Football 14 is no exception. Its leap to the PlayStation 4 (PS4) not only brought enhanced graphics and smoother gameplay but also a rejuvenated fan base that spans generations. Whether you’re a nostalgic fan reminiscing about classic matchups or a fresh face ready to start a dynasty, this guide is your playbook to mastering NCAA Football 14 on the PS4.

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How to play NCAA Football 14 on PS4

How to Play NCAA Football 14 on PS4

Setting Up the Game

Before you can score touchdowns and lead your team to victory, there’s some initial setup to handle:

Downloading the Game:

Start by powering up your PS4 and heading to the PlayStation Store. Navigate through the sports category, or use the search function to locate “NCAA Football 14”. Ensure you have ample storage space, as additional game updates or patches might require more than the base game size.

NCAA Football 14 on PlayStation Store

2. Initial Configuration: Upon launching the game for the first time, you’ll be greeted with an array of settings. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Difficulty Level: Ranges from Freshman (easiest) to Heisman (hardest). Beginners should start with Freshman or Sophomore to get a feel for the game mechanics.
  • Preferred Controls: NCAA Football 14 offers multiple control schemes. Traditional provides a classic experience, while Competitive is tailored for online play.

NCAA Football 14 not available on PS4?

There are a few alternative options you could explore if you really want to play “NCAA Football 14” on a newer console like the PS4:

  1. Backward Compatibility: Check if the PS4 offers backward compatibility for PS3 games. Some newer consoles have limited backward compatibility features that allow you to play older games. However, not all PS3 games are supported.
  2. Gaming Emulators: Some gaming enthusiasts have created emulators that can run older console games on newer hardware. These emulators are not officially supported and may require technical knowledge to set up. Be aware that using emulators may not be legal in all jurisdictions and could violate the terms of service of the gaming console.
  3. Streaming Services: Investigate if there are game streaming services that offer “NCAA Football 14” as part of their library. Some services offer access to older games via streaming.

Please note that the availability of games on different platforms can change over time, and new developments may have occurred since my last update. It’s a good idea to check the official PlayStation Store, gaming forums, or websites for any updates or workarounds related to playing “NCAA Football 14 on PS4.”

Understanding the Game Controls

Control mastery is key. Start by familiarizing yourself with the basic commands before moving on to advanced maneuvers.

Basic Control Schemes

Basics First. Familiarize yourself with the basic controls to enjoy seamless gameplay.


  • X/A: Ideal for a short pass.
  • O/B: Perfect for a bullet pass.
  • Triangle/Y: Useful when you need to lob the ball.
  • Right Stick: Essential to dodge incoming tacklers.


  • Square/X: Go for an aggressive tackle.
  • O/B: Attempt to strip the ball.
  • Triangle/Y: Make a play for the ball in mid-air.

For a detailed explanation of the controls and settings, consider checking the Official NCAA Football 14 Manual available on the EA website.

Advanced Controls for Strategic Play:

As you get comfortable, you’ll want to explore advanced strategies.

  • Offense: Learn to use the no-huddle offense by pressing Triangle/Y post-play. Master the play-action pass to confuse defensive players.
  • Defense: Utilize defensive hot routes to adjust your defense on the fly.

Starting Your First Match

Team Selection: Over 120 teams are at your disposal. While powerhouses like Alabama and Clemson boast strong ratings, don’t shy away from underdogs for a challenging experience. Here is the list of College football teams and rankings.

Team Selection in NCAA Football 14 for PS4

Game Mode Overview

Here is the game mode overview of the NCAA Football 14 PS4. One can also check EA’s Guide to Online Play for better gameplay.

  • Quick Play: Great for casual play. Pick your teams and dive straight into the action.
  • Career Mode: Build a legacy as a player or coach. Manage recruiting, and game plans, and lead your team through multiple seasons.
  • Online Mode: Test your skills against players globally. Be prepared, as online players often have advanced strategies.

Basic Gameplay Strategies

Understanding football fundamentals is pivotal. Here’s a deep dive:

Offense Tips

  • Mixing Plays: Consistently using the same play makes you predictable. Balance between running and passing.
  • Time Management: In close games, the clock is crucial. Learning when to hurry up or slow down can make or break a match.

Defense Tips

  • Reading Formations: Recognizing offensive formations helps predict play types.
  • Safe Tackling: While big hits are exciting, they risk missed tackles. Safe tackles ensure the player goes down.

This mode is a blend of gameplay, strategy, and management.

  • Building Your Team: Prioritize recruiting based on team needs. A balanced team often performs better.
  • Recruitment: Focus on 4-5 star recruits, but don’t neglect hidden gems with lower ratings. They can be developed over time and sometimes outshine their higher-rated counterparts.

For additional insights and tips on recruitment strategies in the game, visit Operation Sports, a well-known hub for sports game enthusiasts.

Online Gameplay Tips

Online play is a whole new ball game, pun intended.

  • Setting Up Matches: Ensure a stable internet connection. Lag can severely impact gameplay.
  • Sportsmanship: Respect your opponents. Avoid “rage quitting” or using game exploits.

To ensure you have the best possible online experience, consult the official PlayStation guide on Optimizing Internet Connection for PS4.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

All games have hiccups. Here’s how to tackle common problems:

  • Performance Issues: Ensure your PS4 firmware and game version are up to date. Sometimes, reinstalling the game can solve persistent problems.
  • Connectivity: For online play, use a wired connection when possible. It’s more stable than Wi-Fi.
  • Technical Solutions: Regular updates can smoothen gameplay. In stubborn situations, a reinstall might be the remedy.
  • Community Interaction: Engage with forums, discussions, and player communities. Collective wisdom often holds the answer.

If you face any in-game issues, EA’s Official Support Forum for NCAA Football 14 can be a great resource for troubleshooting, as players often share solutions to problems they’ve encountered.

FAQs about NCAA Football 14 PS4

Q1: Can I transfer my NCAA Football 14 save data from another console to PS4

A: Yes, if you’re transitioning from a PlayStation 3 (PS3) to a PS4, there’s a way to transfer your saved data. Ensure both consoles are on the same network and follow the PS4’s system instructions for data transfer. Here’s a Data Transfer Guide from PS3 to PS4

Q2: Is NCAA Football 14 on PS4 different from previous versions in terms of gameplay?

A: While the core gameplay remains true to the NCAA Football spirit, the PS4 version boasts improved graphics, smoother animations, and more detailed stadiums. Additionally, there might be minor tweaks and updates to enhance the gaming experience.

Q3: How do I improve my skills in NCAA Football 14 on PS4?

A: Practice is key. The more you play, the better you’ll get. Also, make use of training modes, watch gameplay tutorials online, and engage in community forums to pick up strategies and tips from experienced players.

Q4: Are there any in-game purchases in NCAA Football 14 on PS4?

A: NCAA Football 14 may have some in-game content available for purchase, such as aesthetic upgrades or additional game modes. Always review in-game purchases to understand what you’re buying.

Q5: Can I play NCAA Football 14 on PS4 offline?

A: Absolutely! While the game offers engaging online modes, you can play several modes, including Career and Quick Play, offline without an internet connection.

Q6: Why is my NCAA Football 14 game lagging during online play?

A: Lag during online play can be due to various reasons – it might be a slow internet connection, server issues, or high traffic times. Ensure your internet connection is stable and consider playing during non-peak hours for a smoother experience.

Q7: How do I join a league or tournament in NCAA Football 14 on PS4?

A: Within the game’s online mode, there’s an option to join leagues or tournaments hosted by the community. Follow the in-game prompts, and you’ll be on your way to showcasing your skills against players globally.

Q8: Can I customize my team’s jerseys and logos in NCAA Football 14 on PS4?

A: Yes, NCAA Football 14 offers customization options allowing players to tweak jerseys, colors, and logos to give their team a unique identity.


NCAA Football 14 on PS4 offers an exhilarating football experience. As with any game, practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better you’ll become. We hope this guide has been a helpful starting point for your NCAA Football journey. Are you ready for kick-off?

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